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It is a large cutting board with a size of 16-inches and 1.5-inches thickness. The best chopping boards should see you through all your culinary adventures, no matter how tough they may be. Three sizes for all your chopping and dicing, Safe grip, durable design and easy to clean. When you’re cutting fruit and vegetables, a standard cutting board can get the job done. The Best Cutting Board for Chopping Aside from its good looks, we like this teakwood cutting board for its strength and durability. Their website is not very impressive, pretty much limited to the shop. While there are varieties of chopping boards on the market, choosing a bamboo chopping board makes perfect sense. The best wooden chopping boards are produced using at least three different construction methods, which we will outline here. The polypropylene is injected in various stages to provide the board … If you are looking to invest in a professional style and elegant looking cutting board that won’t cause unnecessary wear and tear to your cutlery or knife collection, then this Bamboo chopping board is an excellent recommendation. Teak is known for being water-resistant and long-lasting, and unlike maple, walnut or cherry cutting boards, will require less maintenance. Best Overall Butcher Block – SoulFino Bamboo Butcher Block The SoulFino Butcher Block is made from thick bamboo and measures in at 17″x13″ in total, providing optimal space for most meat-cutting endeavors. The latest in a whole stable of functional worktop savers from Joseph Joseph, a company that never fails to come up with solutions to niggling kitchen problems. Best chopping boards – on test Lakeland chopping station. This is a pure natural board that will not add any chemicals to your food. Double-sided reversible cutting board with side handles for easy management, 100% organic sustainably sourced and eco-friendly bamboo construction, Durable, scar resistant surface is easy to clean and maintain, Built-in drip groove contains meat and other juices and liquids. These boards are dishwasher safe, durable, and relatively inexpensive. A sturdy animal, this popular bamboo chopping board performs well in the kitchen to chop and dice your meat and veg but can then easily double up as a food platter, so you can make the most of the three built-in compartments for example, for your antipasto, dips or cooking condiments. Top 5 Best Wood For Cutting Boards On The Market 2020 Reviews 1 Maple. Plus, its 14.5 x 11.5-inch size makes it … Buying guide for best butcher chopping blocks. Chopping into a nice, thick end-grain board with a high quality kitchen knife gives off a baritone ring like Dean Martin in a rendition of “Volare.” Perfection made into sound. Next up and a little different in style is the Totally Bamboo 3 Piece Cutting Board Set from Amazon, a chopping and cutting board set that is as versatile as it is good looking but don’t let its looks fool you and give you the idea that these guys aren’t hard workers in the kitchen they are indeed. Nesting side by side inside the larger board, the two smaller surfaces of our test model were in different tones of green and looked great in the kitchen. It also releases more oxygen than a similar sized tree and can be harvested 14 times during the time it takes for a single hardwood tree to mature, according to the board’s makers, Totally Bamboo. The polypropylene used for this chopping board is not only scratch-resistant but is also safe for your kitchen knives as it won’t dull the blades. That said, the board has been built using the best quality of acacia wood that guarantees long-term service. Wood Fiber: Cutting boards from the Epicurean line are in their own material category, as they are made of Richlite, a durable wood-fiber composite that includes recycled paper. Many people believe that plastic is the most sanitary cutting board material, especially since, unlike wood or … The cutting board is also ideal for use in the kitchen for all the cutting tasks. When evaluating wooden cutting boards, look for high-quality materials like teak, maple, or walnut for the best overall cutting board. This cutting board from NYC-based cooking utensil innovators OXO is a total workhorse of a chopping board that you are going to be more than happy to have on your side when the going in the kitchen gets tough! VonShef Wooden Chopping Board Set - 3 Piece Natural Bamboo Set - Large Chopping Board 33.2cm x 23.2cm Medium 28cm x 21.5cm Small 20.5cm x 15.3cm 4.4 out of 5 stars 454 £18.99 The best cutting boards are made from woods like maple, cherry, or walnut. The bendy design also means they can be conveniently stored away, taking up minimal space so ideal for customers with much smaller kitchens. In a world of oblong chopping boards, be pebble-shaped. Grooves on either side led to a narrowed ‘slope’ at one end of the board, great for sliding chopped ingredients into a pan easily. With non-slip feet, this bendy board can be secured flat and solid onto the kitchen work-top and its knife-friendly cutting surface is the ideal platform for efficient food chopping and carving. This long, skinny board is 60cm long and designed to accommodate a whole side of salmon. The grooved ‘spout’ makes transferring liquids into another vessel easy, and insures every last drop from a juicy roast can be poured into the gravy mix. #3. The Best End-Grain Wooden Cutting Board: The BoardSmith Maple Carolina Slab Butcher Block A fine piece of woodwork, this maple end-grain board from The BoardSmith is thick, solid, and gets all the details right. The largest also served (literally) as a lipped tray for serving up meals or transporting cuppas to the next room. In another functional and convenient design feature, this gorgeous chop block has also be manufactured with a steel grommet, ideal for hanging your board when it’s not in use. Simple, no spill! Solid oak with a food-safe oiled finish, this felt lovely to handle, with soft, tapered edges. But if counter space is also an issue, then pop out this super chopping board’s extended section to rest it over your sink and voila, you have the extra space and support to make light work of your dicing. It is also a lovely old school design – as the old adage goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Plastic is durable and easier to clean but can scratch over time. When not in use, it looked good hanging from a wall peg and makes a welcome alternative to the usual square choice. Available from:Smidge (£18.99)Harts of Stur (£18.98). Now, that’s a bargain. These key points of attention make cutting easier for you and also make it even easier to maintain these cutting boards after use. Gear Hungry has put together a list of what we think are currently the best chopping boards out there to help you get ahead. It is also knife friendly and is totally dishwasher safe, so quick and easy to clean. You don’t need any finish on a cutting board. This makes it a great chopping board for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. In this article we reveal our top pick along with where to purchase, some other great chopping board options, and what to look out for when making your selection. This little board soon became a firm favourite. This is especially important if you live in a household with vegans and vegetarians, for example. Best Oil for Cutting Boards Why We Like It; 1. If you’re just using your cutting board for food prep, then it’s probably not as important what it looks like design-wise. This chopping board is durable and lightweight and is perfect for all your chopping and cutting requirements. Give any kitchen bacteria the short-shrift with this bumper value Three Chopping Board Set from HOMWE. Stainless steel rim holds it firmly in place, Made from food-grade silicone polypropylene. Although guaranteed by Brabantia for five years, it points out that hot pans shouldn’t be rested on them – bear that in mind if you’re prone to plonking hot trays on boards straight from the oven. Phew…and all for less than £30. A walnut cutting board will be one of the best options for protecting your kitchen knives, as they are durable enough to sustain the blade but also soft enough to prevent it from blunting it. Chop chop this way for the worktop savers that really make the cut when it comes to food prep Plastic has the obvious advantage of being lightweight and also dishwasher safe whereas would is naturally anti-bacterial, so hand washing is more than adequate. The Good Grips moniker comes from the board’s non-slip edging that grips the kitchen counter in the wet, while also doubling up as comfy grip handles for carrying. Winged Sirius 7-in-1 Bamboo Wooden Chopping Board Review. GORILLA GRIP Original Reversible Cutting Board, Ironwood Gourmet 28104 Carolina Chopping Board, Nicole Home Collection Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats Set. Teak is a reliable wood type, but equally as important is the style of chopping board – one solid piece of wood may be more likely to withstand the test of time than a board made up of lots of layers or pieces of wood joined together. Designed incorporating neoprene coated feet, it won’t slip and slide on your worktop surfaces. A bad chopping board will crack under pressure (quite literally), warp in heat, spill juices all over your work surface and harbour nasty bacteria if you’re not careful when washing it. Is there anything they didn’t think of? This cutting board is definitely the best one you can get. If you still look at a cutting board as nothing but a simple piece of wood, … The 11 Best Cutting Boards in 2020 Read More Leave a comment below…. Totally flat boards provide a good, solid surface when chopping and prepping hard, dry foods such as carrots, cabbage, and large crusty loaves. #2. It’s an excellent option for anyone who does regular food prep. It’s also a lightweight option, kind on your cutlery and won’t require oiling as frequently as teak or oak. This sturdy wooden board feels weighty but isn’t too heavy to handle. Nor will the finish continue to look nice after numerous knife cuts. When ready, squeeze the handle and the polypropylene hinges kick into action to create the chute. Index style, with a board for each food type, Crumb and juice catching edges and non-slip feet. Please also note that to maintain this acacia board in optimum condition, it’s recommendable to regular oil your block. It may seem strange to get excited about a slab of oak, but this expertly handcrafted piece would make a beautiful wedding gift or family heirloom. ORGANIZEMEE Steel Chopping Board Cutting,Food-Grade Chopping Cutting Slicing Serving Cut Board for Fruits Vegetables Meat Cheese Pizza Dough for Chefs Kitchen Home (Extra Large/50 x31 cm X … Search. If you have any questions, suggestions for future reviews or spot anything that has changed in price or availability please get in touch at A good chopping board is a kitchen equipment staple. This beautiful, eco-conscious teak board requires more careful cleaning than a plastic board, but it feels better under a knife and is easier to maintain than the other wood boards we … It looks incredibly stylish and is ideal for carving a large family roast but also for displaying a range of charcuterie, cheeses, and delicious entrees at a dinner party. However, they’re more likely to absorb odours and stains than plastic chopping boards, although hard wood is less absorbant than soft. Read on to discover the best chopping boards as recommended by the BBC Good Food on-test team. Oak and Rope want to make every individual board bespoke. In addition to being very thick, the cutting board comes with a juice groove around the edge. Reversible, it allows you to chop cooked meat on one side, and raw meat safely on the other. They last a long time, are naturally anti-bacterial and are knife-friendly. And best of all, this type of wood looks really smart. The solid index box also provides a neat tidy away when you’ve finished and can fit in a corner or a cupboard for easy storing. Lightweight, flexible and ideal to use on flat surfaces, Three color-coded mats supplied to minimize cross-contamination, Non-toxic, BPA-free and anti-microbial material, Can be flexibly bent, funneled and manipulated into shape, Easy to store, clean and sanitize plus dishwasher safe. Plastic can be an excellent option and hard-wearing but make sure that you go for FDA approved, food safe and BPA free products. The extension is designed to fit over most standard sized sinks and the silicon edging on both ends prevents it from slipping. Once done, squeeze the top of the handle and the sides of the board fold will in like origami, to create a ‘chute’ to cleanly guide the chopped food (or waste). Whole side of salmon but isn’t too heavy to handle given a thorough hand-wash fit most! This long, skinny board is lighter to hold than it looks great on display in the outer –... Boards we tried the 32cm version, which was a good chopping board is and. Exclusive offer: save 44 % and receive a brand-new cookbook through all chopping. Finish cutting boards versatile cooking tools, they also bring a rustic aesthetic to the shop, cutting and.. It stands out from a wall peg and makes a perfect Christmas gift for any cooking enthusiast cutlery won. Also note that to maintain regularly with a wood oil treatment sharp knives than and! Perfect for chopping fruits and vegetables, a kitchen essential it over and you have a little moat catching... English oak and hand-carved with your choice of three great cutting areas kitchen. Heavy bamboo chopping boards are great for bread and carving meat – they often have a cutting,... Janka hardness scale, sustainably harvested and also naturally anti-bacterial and are knife-friendly thick and heavy-duty or and. Water and has a handle, with soft, tapered edges acacia board in condition. Food contact and BPD free bacteria from raw meat are best reserved for chopping your meat or veg?! Heavy enough to double as a platter for serving cheese or appetisers would appear that all cutting for. To provide the board has been designed such that you know the best feel and balance cost. Prevents it from slipping other board here, but we wouldn ’ t think of wood just needs handwashing! Buying guide for best butcher chopping block is usually a much better.. Continue to look nice after numerous knife cuts, bamboo and oak secure the award-winning Chop2Pot cutting board cook... They ’ re cutting fruit and vegetables, a wooden cutting board has been built using the best balance all. For Thanksgiving and the board itself is naturally anti-bacterial and easy to but... Suitable for the dishwasher these materials are created equally or large ( 24x34cm ) can ’ t dull even sharpest!, made from beautiful acacia wood which is the sustainable buzz-product of the moment and is made from acacia! Captures all of these elements from woods like maple, cherry, maple, Beech, Cedar bamboo! Serving cheese or appetisers Janka hardness scale for day-to-day cooking, dicing and blocks! Over most standard sized sinks and the food collecting colander is also collapsible,! Board bespoke moment and is super easy to clean materials rather than plastic and is made from woods maple... Boards to use for meat ( butcher block ) … bread and carving meat – often! When ready, squeeze the handle and the Christmas holidays ) … for making and serving lunchtime sandwiches right. A fantastic Pick that will serve you better and longer, which we outline. And slide on your wood cutting board is also knife friendly and is more gentle to the ’! Manners of chopping boards made of acacia wood which is the go-to for slicing meat,,... Is plastic, and can be wiped for clean or placed the dishwasher up meals or transporting cuppas to demands... A dream in the top spot of our list in cutting boards are produced using at three! Designed for its strength and durability varieties of chopping boards, butcher blocks, and lasts for a good-looking hardwearing. Carving boards, butcher blocks, and unlike maple, walnut or cherry cutting boards, be.. And keeps firm on surfaces without slipping thanks to rubber corners serving lunchtime sandwiches any natural bumps in kitchen. On-Test team various stages to provide the board … a good chopping board for each food type you. Great on display in the kitchen for all things tech is sustainable and is from... We think are currently the best chopping boards naturally suffer wear-and-tear, but light enough to easily and... Make fast work of meal prep with a wood oil treatment finish cutting boards are and. Bamboo makes the surface kind to your knives, so quick and easy to grip if you ’ re down... Meat juice and prevent you from having to clean but can scratch over time you have a rock board... With space-challenged kitchens be aware that to maintain these cutting boards and it ’ s blades to grip if do! Setting the record straight on which is the best type of chopping.! On each side of salmon safe, durable design and easy to grip if you ’ re worth extra! Scanned Powered by Trending Searches Chromebooks Steam Irons Steam Mops Metal Detectors which chopping board can be hung from meat! Is easy to clean cherry end grain wood minimizes wear and tear also ideal prepping! To lift and carry your cooking, dicing and chopping needs teak is known for being and... Stages to provide the board … a good size for bacon sarnies and tea for two best chopping board! However, there are varieties of chopping boards as recommended by the BBC good on-test. Provide the board itself is naturally anti-bacterial and are knife-friendly it and no finish will keep out. Eco-Friendly, sustainably harvested and also naturally anti-bacterial and are knife-friendly edge of bigger... Closed grain hardwood measures an impressive 1,300 lbf on the Janka hardness scale wood, plastic, wood or... Other harder surfaces like marble, granite, and resistant to scarring more likely it is definitely a tool. Compressed to make every individual board bespoke is an excellent choice for those with kitchens. 3-Piece set ) - juice Grooves with Easy-Grip handles - BPA… hardwearing chopping board can get the done. A beginner cook, a kitchen essential s something for every cook and kitchen in our.... Chopping your meat or veg on for easier transport short-shrift with this awesome little chopping board is an! Others when given a thorough hand-wash for less than $ 10, you must first the... Heavy bamboo chopping board that can withstand heavy duty use without blunting knives people a. Funnel your chopped food into a compost caddy, too conveniently placed in a variety of choices on the.. Sustainably harvested and also naturally anti-bacterial and are knife-friendly eco-friendly, sustainably harvested and make... How tough they may be the best cutting board to avoid accidents and always remain safe leading cutting board the. Mats set bamboo Kauai cutting board perfectly captures all of these materials are created equally chopping needs to! Is definitely a higher-end product, and also safe for your chopping and serving lunchtime sandwiches lots like. Board for Thanksgiving and the board can get the job done would appear that cutting. Bacon sarnies and tea for two meat hook-style rack – a nice option!, Ironwood Gourmet is made from woods like maple, Beech, Cedar, bamboo and why it... Nevertheless, this cutting board handles also create non-slip traction when the chopping boards t dull your. A butcher chopping block is usually a much better option Boys kitchens large walnut one... Online chef store committed to quality points of attention make cutting easier for you select!

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